Projects: April 2016 - July 2017

Construction of EDF CHP Plant in Toruń.

A value of work and deliveries completed: PLN 8.9 million (€ 2.1 million)

In the period from April 2016 till July 2017, under the purchase order of SPIE Elbud Gdańsk S.A., Volen S.A. participated in - execution of works associated with construction of EDF CHP Plant in Toruń.

During that task, our company executed the following scope of work:

  • delivery and installation of LV and MV cabling and control cabling with cable accessories
  • electric and control systems on site with installation of cable tags
  • connection of MV, LV and control cables with cable terminals on MV cables
  • installation of cable routes (cable trays, ladders and protective tubes)
  • delivery and installation of the busbars, earthing rods and conductors, and equipotential bonding
  • full-scope acceptance testing and electrical measurements
  • active participation in engineering surveillance of the task executed
Volen S.A. - Katowice
Volen S.A. - Katowice